Pubs called Horse and Groom throughout the UK, Horse and Grrom Inns

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Horse and Groom country pubs and village inns throughout England and the UK.

Horse and Groom is a common name for a public house (or pub) in the UK. Centuries ago country pubs were identified by painted signs rather than actual names.

Names of pubs were commonly taken from all aspects of life and the pub name, Horse and Groom, comes from hunting and blood sports as does Dog and Duck or Hare and Hounds. Royal names were popular choices for example Kings Head, Kings Arms, Rose and Crown as were trades and tools - Fisherman's Arms, Foresters and Woodman.



Pubs are usually found in English speaking countries, obviously in the United Kingdom but also commonly in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Traditionally a pub which offered overnight accomodation was called an inn but the term hotel is now more common particularly in the UK.

As well as a full range of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine and spirits and non-alcoholic drinks, more and more pubs in the UK are now serving food and this has become their primary source of income.

Pubs are social places and can be found in almost every UK village.